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Patent no. US  11974319 Registration no. 08070935
Name of the invention Apparatus for analyzing tin compounds in liquid samples and method for analyzing tin levels using th
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I.P Abstract & Summary An apparatus for a continuous, automated quantitation of tin compounds in liquid samples and a method for quantitative analysis based on the said apparatus are provided herein. The inventive apparatus acidifies liquid samples and in case organotin compounds are present in the sample, a selective UV irradiation converts the organotin compounds into inorganic tin. The inventive apparatus quantitates this inorganic tin by means of electrochemical methods. The apparatus and method of the present invention allow quantitative analyses of trace amounts of organic and inorganic tin compounds present in liquid samples by converting organotin, a form unsuited for measurement, into inorganic tin, a form amenable to measurements and performing electrochemical analysis. Above all, the present invention affords the construction of an automated
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#apparatus, #electrochemical, #analyzing tin levels